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  • 8 Sec. Timer
  • 30 Sites Max
  • 1,100 Surfed Sites/Day
  • Minimum Withdraw $5
  • 75 credits for every $1 your referrals spend @The Notorious Ads. Your ref spends $5, you earn 375 website credits.
  • Earn 25% from referral purchases/upgrades
  • We also have yearly, and lifetime Gold upgrades
  • Credit Converter: 1 website credit gives you 5 text or website credits
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  • 1:.25 credits Manual Surf
  • 12 Second Timer
  • 3 Websites Max
  • 600 Surfed Sites/Day
  • Minimum Withdraw $10
  • 25 credits for every $1 your referrals spend @The Notorious Ads. Eg: Your ref spends $5, you earn 250 website credits.
  • Earn 1% from referral purchases/upgrades
  • Credit Converter: 1 website credit gives you 5 text or website credits

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Total Members 16
Ad Impressions
Today 99
Yesterday 1136
All-Time 62901
Ad Clicks
Today 1
Yesterday 44
All-Time 886
Websites Surfed
Surfed Today 52
Total Surfed 38759
Bonus Credits Won
All-Time 11594
409 Just Won 3 Bonus credits

409 Just Won 3 Bonus credits

June 27, 2022
2022-06-27 07:59:27
Hello members
I am back from a weekend at the cottage and i am too relaxed. Her are your surfing winners for this weekend.
1st: Cerberus
2nd: 409

Thanks to those of you who participated. All your winning will be in your accounts.

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